Liquid Biological Insecticide - Alisin x 1 Liter
  • Liquid Biological Insecticide - Alisin x 1 Liter

    ALISIN is a biological insecticide, whose active ingredients are garlic-chili extracts. Their protective effect ranges from repellency, feeding and oviposition deterrence, to acute toxicity and interference with the growth and development of insect pests.




    ALISIN is a product made with Chili and Garlic Extracts; It has a large number of components such as Allyl Bisulfide, Limonene, Capsaicin, Nicotinic Acid and Carotenoids.



    ALISIN is useful for the control of insect pests, such as Aphids, Coffee Borer, Cochineal, Sogata and Colaspis. It is applied to the foliage in doses of 1-2 cc/litre. It is highly compatible with insecticides. This practice has proven to be highly effective for integrated pest management, because the repellent and allelopathic components disturb the pest's niche, leaving it easily exposed to the biocide product.


    Apply ALISIN in a mixture with your trusted insecticide, once the pest is controlled, continue making weekly or fortnightly applications.