Safer Mycorrhizae M.A X 50 kg
  • Safer Mycorrhizae M.A X 50 kg

    SAFER MYCORRHIZAS M.A is a root biostimulant that allows to increase the productivity of the plants and reduce the use of fertilizers, becoming an alternative to more efficient and environmentally friendly production.


    It contains spores, mycelium and propagules (colonized rootlets, free mycelium and spores), which facilitate the growth and development of plants by establishing a symbiosis. This relationship benefits most economically important crops by making them more efficient in the absorption of nutrients, water intake, tolerance to stress conditions such as salinity, acid and/or basic soils and compaction, it also protects the roots against the attack of root phytopathogenic fungi and nematodes.


    It is a commercial product based in arbuscular mycorrhizae that have shown their benefits in the root development and production of plants.



    • Contains at least 300 spores/gram of substrate and a diversity of 6 morphotypes, becoming the product with the highest concentration of spores and species on the market.
    • It has a useful life of 24 months, doubling the durability of other products on the market.
    • Contains rootlets between 1 and 5 centimeters long, which are the most important propagule agent to achieve more efficient inoculations in the root systems of host plants.
    •The unique granulometry of SAFER MYCORRHIZAS M.A allows the preservation of spores and propagules; and allows broadcast application without significant drift.
    • Generates substances called glomalins which are some glycoproteins that allow the formation of aggregates in the soil that improve its structure.
    •With the use of SAFER MYCORRHIZAS M.A, the use of chemical fertilizers in the soil can be significantly reduced.
    •SAFER MYCORRHIZAS M.A presents the best cost/benefit/quality ratio on the market.



    • Store the product in a cool, dry place, protected from direct radiation. Do not store with chemical pesticides for agricultural use.
    • Being a product for agricultural use, it should not be ingested or breathe its dust. Keep out of reach of children and irresponsible people.
    • During its application use overalls, goggles, gloves, mask and rubber boots.
    • SAFER MYCORRHIZAS M.A is a 100% natural product based on endomycorrhizal fungi that only form symbiotic relationships with plant roots, therefore they do not cause harm to others. living beings. It does not contaminate the environment.