Safertac Insect Trap Adhesive X 1 Liter
  • Safertac Insect Trap Adhesive X 1 Liter

    This is a product that, due to its high adherence and tactility, traps pest insects such as house and stable flies, fruit flies, white flies, thrips, miners and ants, among other pests.


    SAFERTAC forms a film on the surface of plastics and acrylics that traps flying insects.



    It is applied with the help of a spatula, roller or brush impregnating stakes, acrylics, plastic tapes of different colors (depending on the pest). It can be used to protect tree trunks against attack by ants and other harmful insects that climb up from the ground; It can also be used in combination with specific pheromones.


    Depending on the climatic conditions and the presence of dust, SAFERTAC maintains its adhesiveness for 1 to 2 months in the open air in the field and up to 3 months in a greenhouse or livestock facilities.